Line of Gold Scholarship Program

The Conroe High School Golden Girls drill team  has entertained and inspired the Conroe Community for 50 years.  These students are among the hardest working and most dedicated students at the school, practicing and performing year around, before school, after school, weekends, and holidays.

To honor the hard work and dedication of these outstanding young adults, the Golden Girls Booster Club (GGBC) has proudly implemented the Line of Gold Scholarship Program, which awards a variety of scholarships to eligible seniors.

Legacy Lockers

Help support the Golden Girls and leave your legacy with Line of Gold “Legacy Lockers” locker plates.For a $20 donation to the Line of Gold Scholarship fund, you will get a 2" X 4" custom plate printed with your name and the years you were a Golden Girl. Your custom plate will be affixed to one of the lockers used by the Golden Girls.


Earn money for the scholarship fund while you shop!

Community Support

We sincerely appreciate the support of our community partners and hope that you will consider donating to our Line of Gold Scholarship program.  Your support will help us to achieve our fundraising goals, allowing us to support our senior class of Golden Girls as they embark on their college careers.

The GGBC has partnered with the following businesses, who will donate a portion of their sales back to the Golden Girls Scholarship Fund.

Please invite friends and family from all over the country to sign up for these reward programs.

  • Amazon Smile
  • Search for: Conroe Golden Girls Booster Club
  • Sign up once, and we will receive .5% of all future eligible purchases.
  • Make sure to shop on an internet browser through
  • Donations from Amazon Smile do not affect your purchase prices.

  • Kroger Community Rewards®
  • Organization Name: CONROE H.S. GOLDEN GIRLS Organization Number:  94859
  • Enrollment must be renewed every year.

Donations from Kroger Community Rewards® do not affect your purchase prices or gas rewards

  • Randalls Good Neighbor Program
  • Organization Name: Conroe HS Golden Girls  Organization Number:  5531
  • Visit the courtesy booth at Randalls and ask to link your card with our charity.
  • Sign up once, and we will receive 1% of all future grocery purchases.

Donations from Randalls Good Neighbor Program do not affect your purchase price or rewards