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Saturday July 14th from 9AM to 1PM --$5 donation.

And, that's a wrap!

The Golden Girls 2017-2018 Performance year is officially over.  We would like to thank everyone who supported us throughout the year.  Parents/family, CISD faculty, and community leaders:  your support means the world to us.

The 2018-2019 Golden Girls will be spending the next few months preparing for next year's exciting 50th year!  Please check back often for updates on our events an performances. If you are an alumni, please sign up for our newsletter in order to receive exciting news about our 50th anniversary performances.

2017 Winter Workshop Photos - Password WW2017

2017 Jr. Golden Girl photos   - Password jrgg2017

2016 Winter Workshop and Jr. Golden Girl photos are still available:

2016 Winter Workshop Password: WW2016
2016 Jr. Golden Girls Password: jrgg2016