Booster Club

The purpose of the Golden Girls Booster Club (GGBC) is to provide moral and financial support for the enhancement and perpetuation of the Conroe Golden Girls drill team, and to assist the directors in providing an extraordinary experience for the team members.

The booster club relies on parents and family members who are willing to donate a little time to promote the success of this team.


President - Meagan Gagliardini
Vice President of Fundraising - Susie Graham
Vice President Social - Heather Boudreaux Pyles
Secretary - Liz Gallaga
Treasurer - Lisa Garcia
Assistant Treasurer - Gloria Diaz
Reporter/Social Media - Lynsy Johnson
Line of Gold Fundraising Chair - Sheila Moore


Line of Gold - Sheila Moore
Concessions - Gloria Diaz & Anabelle Galicia
Merchandise - Stephanie Walls & Lynsy Johnson Auburg
Hospitality - Karen Carper
Bingo - Melissa Waldrum
Spring Show - Melissa Shaw
Banquet - Heather Boudreaux Pyles
Sponsorship - Lisa McConville
Prop - Mike Gagliardini